Slack: #tier2 channel

Reporting troubles

For any issue, please contact the Tier2 admins over Slack or Email by making a ticket. Make sure you specify the following information:

  1. What exact commands you ran and in which environment?
  2. What did you expect?
  3. What sort of error messages do you get?

There is a “helpdesk” operating on slack #tier2 channel, in case of very urgent issues, feel free to ask there. If possible, we aim to ask questions publicly, to prevent overloading admins with the same questions in private.

Mailing groups

Once the user account is created – the user will be added to a predefined mailing list, based on the groups he is in. (

  • hep-wheel – Tier2 administrators.
  • hep-cms – Caltech HEP CMS Users.
  • hep-gpuusers – Caltech HEP GPU Users.
  • hep-allcit – All users who have an account on Tier2.
  • hep-physsusy – Phys Susy group. Mainly users with write permission under /store/group space.
  • hep-sdntestbed – SDN Testbed users.
  • hep-qnet – Qnet Group.

Also, there are a few more mailing lists you might consider joining. To join them, please contact either your postdoc contact at Caltech or the T2 admins. Available mailing lists are (

  • hep-all – All hep users.
  • hep-sdn – Software-Defined-Networking related discussions.
  • hep-fqnet – FQNET related discussions.
  • hep-ml – Machine learning discussions.
  • hep-cms-forum – HEP CMS Discussions.
  • hep-cms-summies – CMS Summies discussions.